Three civilians killed in Russian attack on town in Donetsk region

28 April, 06:26 PM
Consequences of the shelling of New York (Photo:Pavlo Kyrylenko/Telegram)

Consequences of the shelling of New York (Photo:Pavlo Kyrylenko/Telegram)

Russia has carried out an air strike on residential areas of the town of NewYork, in Ukraine’s Donetsk oblast, killing three and wounding another three people, the head of the regional administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said in a Telegram post on April 28.

“Three dead, three wounded civilians, said Kyrylenko.

“That’s the preliminary report on the air strike in (Ukraine’s) New York of this morning.”

According to the official, the attack was carried out with unguided air-to-surface missiles that hit an industrial building and several residential areas. At least nine houses were damaged.

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“Over and over, Russians are targeting civilians; they are waging war to exterminate Ukrainian non-combatants.”

“All (their) crimes are being carefully documented; they won’t escape responsibility.”

New York was originally incorporated under this name by German-speaking Mennonites in 1892.

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