Three Russian cruise missile carriers on station in Black Sea with total of 20 missiles

24 December 2022, 05:45 PM
Russia keeps three Kalibr carriers in the Black Sea (Photo:Міноборони РФ)

Russia keeps three Kalibr carriers in the Black Sea (Photo:Міноборони РФ)

Russia has deployed up to 11 warships in the Black Sea, including three armed with up to 20 Kalibr cruise missiles, the Ukrainian Navy said in a Facebook post on Dec. 24.

The enemy continues to control shipping lanes in the Sea of Azov, keeping up to two warships on combat duty there at a time.

Russia has also deployed nine warships in the Mediterranean Sea, including five Kalibr carriers, with a total of 76 missiles.

In the past day, 30 Russian ships and boats went through the Kerch Strait to the Sea of Azov, while 25 ships and boats went in the opposite direction.

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Russia regularly attacks Ukraine with cruise missiles launched from warships and submarines in the Black Sea. Ukrainian authorities have warned citizens that Russia could attack Ukraine with cruise missiles and Iranian-made suicide drones at any time.

Moscow is continuing a campaign to destroy Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, with the aim of depriving the Ukrainian population of heat, water and power supplies during winter.

In its latest mass attack aimed at the Ukrainian capital Kyiv early on Dec. 19, Russia attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones.

Kyiv City Military Administration said Kyiv had seen several waves of attacks by Shahed drones, with over 20 enemy UAVs being detected in Kyiv airspace. According to preliminary data, 15 of them were destroyed. The Air Defense Forces also worked in Kyiv Oblast.

Much of Kyiv was left without power and water as a result of the attack. 

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