US training of Ukrainian troops begins in Germany, Gen. Milley says

16 January, 02:19 PM
General Mark Milley revealed the first details of Ukrainian military training in Germany (Photo:Tom Brenner/Reuters)

General Mark Milley revealed the first details of Ukrainian military training in Germany (Photo:Tom Brenner/Reuters)

Expanded combat training of the Ukrainian military by U.S. troops has begun at a German military base, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said on Jan. 16, according to U.S. news outlet Associated Press.

About 500 Ukrainian troops are undergoing the training at the moment. The program is intended to last from five to eight months, the outlet reported.

The soldiers will undergo combined arms training to be more prepared to counter Russian attacks or to launch counter-offensives.

Milley plans to visit the Grafenwoehr military base on Jan. 16 to get a first-hand look at the training program.

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"They will learn how to better move and coordinate their company- and battalion-size units in battle, using combined artillery, armor, and ground forces," the AP wrote.

Gen. Milley told journalists that proper training, combined with a range of modern weapons, artillery systems, tanks, and other combat vehicles will play a key role in liberating Ukrainian territory currently under Russian occupation.

“This support is really important for Ukraine to be able to defend itself,” Milley said.

“And we’re hoping to be able to pull this together here in short order,” Milley concluded.

At the end of November, CNN wrote that the U.S. was considering a dramatic expansion of its training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, using new approaches. Later, the Pentagon confirmed that training that would be provided to Ukrainians in Europe.

The program will be conducted by U.S. Army Europe/Africa’s 7th Army Training Command in Germany for about 500 soldiers per month.

The U.S. military has already been instructing Ukrainian forces on the use of the modern weapons being supplied to Ukraine by Washington and its allies. In particular, 200 Ukrainian soldiers were trained to use the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher in July.

The United Kingdom is currently leading in the training of Ukrainian troops. About 6,000 Ukrainian soldiers have completed combat training in the UK, with further training to use UK weapons planned in the near future.

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