Transnistria residents refuse to sign contracts with Russian army, says Ukrainian intel

9 September, 11:25 AM
Transnistria (Photo:REUTERS/Vladislav Culiomza)

Transnistria (Photo:REUTERS/Vladislav Culiomza)

Residents in the Russian-occupied part of Moldova, Transnistria, are refusing to sign contracts with the Russian army, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a Telegram messenger post on Sept. 8.

The agency emphasizes the locals refuse to join the Russian army even under the pretext that they will allegedly receive a high monetary reward.

“Attempts by the Russian military command to launch a broad campaign to recruit contract soldiers in Transnistria are not yielding practical results,” the intelligence said.

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“The local population refuses to join the Russian army, even despite promises of high cash payouts, social packages and possible housing provision. The main reason is the reluctance to participate in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. Especially since many volunteers who decided to sign the contract at the beginning of the war have either died or are missing.”

According to the Ukrainian military, the number of desertion cases in the “operational group of Russian troops in Transnistria” is growing amid the events in Ukraine. And due to the limited number of military contingents, the Russians cannot use the necessary resources to search for and return those missed in action. In addition, the soldiers are leaving the service en masse after their contracts expire.

At the same time, the “operational group” has stepped up the training of personnel. Taking into account the experience of hostilities in Ukraine, the Russians have made significant adjustments to their training programs. In particular, they have increased the amount of training with rear support and military medical aid units.

The intelligence added the outdated rear material and technical base prevent improvements in the level of readiness of logistics units.

The situation is similar with the training of military medics – the number of classes has been increased, but they still use the outdated approaches to first aid on the battlefield, subsequent evacuation and provision of medical equipment. The military is provided with Soviet-style equipment, medicines, individual dressing packs and rubber tourniquets.

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