Tu-95MS strategic bombers seen gathering in Russia, threat of missile strikes on Ukraine, says General Staff

1 December 2022, 05:55 PM
Russian Tu-95MS bomber (Photo:@vitalyvk/twitter.com)

Russian Tu-95MS bomber (Photo:@vitalyvk/twitter.com)

Activity by Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers has been detected in Russia this week, and there is thus a threat of enemy missile strikes in the near future, a member of the Ukrainian military’s General Staff said during a briefing on Dec. 1.

"There is a threat of enemy's missile strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine and military facilities in the nearest future,” Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff Oleksiy Hromov said.

“The aim of the enemy's actions is to cause panic among the population to destabilize the internal situation.”

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He said that during the week the crews of Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed flights in the airspace of Russia’s Saratov, Samara, and Orenburg oblasts, as well as in the airspace of the eastern part of Russia and the Barents Sea.

"The crews of two IL-78 long-range refueling aircraft were involved in practicing refueling in the air,” Hromov added.

“The military transport aviation of the aggressor state performed the task of moving personnel, weapons and military equipment, stocks of material and technical means to the airfields of Millerovo, Rostov-on-Don-Central, and Taganrog.”

Earlier, National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said that Ukrainians should not live in constant expectation of missile attacks by the Russian military.

According to German new publication Der Spiegel, there is activity at Russia’s Engels-2 airfield in Saratov Oblast, and in all likelihood, Russia is preparing for a new mass missile strike on Ukraine.

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