US Congress set to declare Russian war against Ukraine to be genocide

26 June, 11:35 AM
Ukraine has bipartisan support in Congress (Photo:REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

Ukraine has bipartisan support in Congress (Photo:REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

A bipartisan draft resolution under considering by the U.S. Congress would designate Russian aggression in Ukraine as an act of genocide, the Foreign Policy news magazine reported on June 24.

The draft resolution highlights Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilian population, maternity wards, and hospitals.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, trapped under Russian occupation, are being forcibly processed at “filtration camps” – internment camps meant to identify Kremlin-“loyal”Ukrainians – and then abducted to Russia.

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If adopted, the resolution would also condemn Russian propaganda and public statements made by Russian officials – including dictator Vladimir Putin himself – for seeking to undermine Ukrainian statehood and sovereignty.

According to the resolution’s authors, the Russian invaders are deliberately carrying out war crimes in Ukraine, with many Russian war criminals getting awards from Putin.

Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament branded the Russian invasion as genocide of the Ukrainian people, followed by the parliaments of the Czech Republic, Canada, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, and the UK.

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