UK Embassy not planning evacuation from Kyiv, says ambassador

7 November 2022, 01:43 PM
Melinda Simmons (

Melinda Simmons (

The UK Embassy has no plans to evacuate its staff from the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, Britain’s Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons said in an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Nov. 7.

“No, there are no plans to evacuate,” she said.

“We’re here with the security that enables us to be here. I’ve now been here for months, I’m living in this war, just like you’re living in this war. It’s certainly true to say that the circumstances for taking us out are already different from the circumstances under which we first left back in February. That’s not just because we think the threat is less serious: it’s still serious.”

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Simmons said “we have a better idea now of both Ukrainian capability and also Russia’s.”

She said the UK embassy’s employees are prepared to put up with the conditions in Kyiv, which has been attacked with missiles and flying bombs in recent weeks, and which is now suffering with power outages and disruptions to water supplies.

“For now, there aren’t any plans to leave Kyiv,” Simmons said.

“And I think it’s probably quite important for many people that we stay.”

She said that the UK embassy staying in Kyiv was a signal for Ukrainians and certain other countries.

“I go into shops to buy something and someone gives me my change and says: ‘You’re not leaving, are you?’” Simmons said.

“So, I know that it’s important for many regular Ukrainians and certainly for some countries, in particular. I do notice.”

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