UK lawyers trying to block YouTube videos promoting Wagner PMC

20 April, 12:55 PM
Wagner PMC (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak/File Photo)

Wagner PMC (Photo:REUTERS/Igor Russak/File Photo)

Dozens of videos with songs glorifying Russia’s Wagner private military company (PMC) have recently appeared on YouTube.

If they are not removed, the video platform may face lawsuits and huge losses, British lawyer Jason McCue said in an interview with NV on April 20.

McCue, a well-known lawyer who once won a case against Facebook, said that the British law firm McCue Jury & Partners sent an official letter to YouTube on April 18, demanding that videos promoting the Wagner mercenaries be removed within 24 hours.

Video of day

“I don’t think it’s acceptable for any media platform to post videos that are commercial ads for the Wagner Group, showing its deadly terrorism for recruitment and promotion around the world,” he said.

The legal appeal was submitted following an article in the British newspaper The Times released on April 16. It refers to videos on YouTube with songs glamorizing and raising funds for the Kremlin-backed mercenaries.

“This cannot happen in a civilized society,” McCue said indignantly.

“They can’t show videos promoting the business (of Wagner PMC). This is a legal argument and the promotion of illegal commercial activity.”

In their letter, the British lawyers demand that YouTube remove unacceptable videos within a day and respond to their request within a week. They are convinced that their demands will be met, otherwise they promise to take the issue to court.

“If they (YouTube) do something illegal, we’ll file a lawsuit against them on behalf of Ukrainians and they will suffer huge losses,” McCue emphasized.

“If they think I’m kidding, let them remember how we litigated Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.”

In April 2018, British and American lawyers filed a joint class action lawsuit against Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and two other companies over the sharing of the personal data of more than 71 million users. McCue led the British part of the lawsuit.

In the end, Facebook agreed to pay a record fine of $5 billion to settle the charges, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced in July 2019.

McCue expects that the blocking of YouTube videos about the Wagner Group will become a small victory for him and like-minded people in the fight against this terrorist group.

In November 2022, McСue Jury & Partners initiated a lawsuit against Wagner owner Yevgeny Prigozhin and his terrorist organization in a London Court.

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