Ukraine already employs JDAM munitions against Russian troops

31 March, 09:20 PM
JDAM cruise missiles are already operating in Ukraine (Photo:US Air Force)

JDAM cruise missiles are already operating in Ukraine (Photo:US Air Force)

Ukraine’s Air Force is actively using JDAM guided glide bombs against invading Russian troops, Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on March 31.

“As for the winged aerial bombs – JDAM, we use them as well,” Ihnat said.

He added that Western-made bombs are extremely accurate and the Air Force uses them to deliver successful strikes against critical enemy targets. At the same time, Ihnat said that Ukraine could use more of them, suggesting that the current supply is insufficient.

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The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a conversion kit that can be strapped to a wide variety of conventional air-dropped bombs to give them guidance and control capabilities comparable to those of modern smart bombs.

In December 2022, NV reported that the United States was planning to provide Ukraine with JDAM kits.

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