Ukraine as current guarantor of NATO security will inevitably join the alliance, expert says

7 July, 02:04 PM
Ukraine will inevitably join NATO, an expert says. (Photo:Pixabay)

Ukraine will inevitably join NATO, an expert says. (Photo:Pixabay)

Ukraine can become a NATO member without an action plan because it already protects the alliance states from Russia, Oleksandr Krayev, an expert of the foreign policy council “Ukrainian Prism” said.

"The Americans and the British understand very clearly that Ukrainian Armed Forces are the guarantor of the security for the rest of Europe and NATO,” he told Radio NV.

“That is why the U.S. analysts, with whom we communicate very often, raise the issue that the Bucharest summit of 2008 had one significant flaw – it did not promise membership to Ukraine."

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The expert added that the case of Finland and Sweden showed Ukrainians that membership without an action plan is the most likely and befitting scenario for a country neighboring Russia.

According to Krayev, this format of accession will most likely be applied to Ukraine as well. At the same time, Ukraine will be able to obtain security guarantees.

"The scenario of transitional guarantees can now become a part of the modus vivendi for joining NATO," Krayev said.  "These transitional guarantees will also be applied to Ukraine."

The only issue that Krayev considers unresolved is at what stage these transitional guarantees can be provided to Ukraine:

"As far as I understand, it will be at the moment when we can at least repel our enemy or at least stop its advance on the lines acceptable to the Ukrainians."

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