Ukraine bans 12 pro-Russian parties, members helped Russians hold sham referendums

22 October 2022, 04:38 PM
12 pro-Russian parties were finally banned in Ukraine (Photo:SBU)

12 pro-Russian parties were finally banned in Ukraine (Photo:SBU)

Ukraine has finally banned the activities of 12 pro-Russian parties after the Administrative Court of Cassation under the Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected an appeal of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, Ukraine’s SBU security service reported on Oct. 22.

“From now on, the activities of 12 pro-Russian political forces are completely banned in Ukraine,” the SBU said in a message.

The agency points out that the decision to ban the functioning of the Socialist Party was made on the basis of the presidential decree and the decision of the National Security and Defense Council following evidence of destructive activities by the political force.

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Above all, it concerns demonstrative support and promotion of aggressive anti-Ukrainian policy of Russia both at the level of leadership and “ordinary” members of this party association.

As a result, this political force has joined the list of previously banned pro-Russian political parties, including: Opposition Bloc, Socialists, Party of Justice and Development, Nashi, Derzhava, Bloc of Volodymyr Saldo, Left Opposition, Party of Shariy, Union of Left Forces, Opposition Platform — For Life, and the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (led by Natalia Vitrenko).

During an investigation into these parties it was proved that representatives of these political forces were directly involved in:

  • the establishment of the occupation regimes in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia;
  • organizing and holding sham "referendums" in these territories.

On Sept. 15, the Supreme Court made a similar decision to ban the activities of the Opposition Platform party, rejecting the appeal of the pro-Russian political force. The decision to ban the party is final and not subject to appeal.

On Sept. 6, the Supreme Court finally banned the Party of Shariy.

On Sept. 27, the Supreme Court banned the Progressive Socialist Party of Natalia Vitrenko in Ukraine.

Back in March, the National Security and Defense Council decided to suspend all activities of political forces associated with Russia during martial law. In particular, the ruling concerned such parties as the Opposition Platform — For Life, Party of Shariy, the Opposition Bloc and the Nashi party.

On March 28, the Opposition Platform announced the suspension of its activities. The party stated that “war changes everything. The world before Feb. 24 and after are two different worlds.”

On April 14, at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, the National Security and Defense Council announced a decision to suspend the activities of the Opposition Platform — For Life faction. On April 21, the faction MPs announced the creation of a new parliamentary group Platform for Life and Peace, which included representatives of the banned political force. Another part of the former “oppositionists” created a parliamentary group called Restoration of Ukraine.

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