Ukraine calls on Hungary to condemn statement by its MP on ‘meeting on Polish-Hungarian border’

13 November 2022, 12:53 PM
Hungarian MP László Torotskai (

Hungarian MP László Torotskai (

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has called on the Hungarian government to condemn a statement by Hungarian MP László Toroczkai about a “meeting on the joint Polish-Hungarian border,” ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said on Facebook on Nov. 13.

“The call of the Hungarian legislator László Toroczkai to review the state borders is unacceptable,” Nikolenko said.

“We call on the Hungarian government to condemn such irresponsible statements, which undermine bilateral relations and do not correspond to the spirit of good neighborliness.”

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Poland celebrated its 104th Independence Day on Nov. 11.

Hungarian MP László Toroczkai wished Poles that they and Hungarians would soon “meet again on the common Polish-Hungarian border.”

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on Nov. 4 said that Poland, Romania and Hungary are allegedly planning to “reclaim” territories lost after the Second World War.

“We are talking about the return of those territories that were taken from Poland,” Putin said, in what appeared to be an attempt to stoke tensions over current borders in Eastern Europe.

“We must admit that they were accumulated by Stalin after the Second World War. Large territories in Romania and Hungary were seized.”

Poland responded by stating that Putin had once again produced “fakes that are far from reality.”

The Romanian Foreign Ministry responded that they fully support the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and condemn the Russian Federation for its military aggression.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary said that it “does not consider correct” the statements of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin about Budapest’s “territorial claims” against Ukraine.

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