Ukraine destroys makeshift Russian river crossing over Dnipro near Kherson

2 September, 10:41 AM
Local partisans gave the coordinates of the crossing to the Armed Forces (Photo:Serhii Bratchuk/

Local partisans gave the coordinates of the crossing to the Armed Forces (Photo:Serhii Bratchuk/

The Ukrainian military has destroyed a makeshift Russian crossing over the Dnipro River near Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast, Odesa regional administration spokesman Serhiy Bratchuk said in a Telegram post on Sep. 2.

According to Brathcuk, the strike was facilitated by local Ukrainian guerrillas.

“The Ukrainian military struck an enemy crossing near Nova Kakhovka,” said Bratchuk.

“Resistance fighters from Southern Ukrainian Volunteer Army provided our troops with coordinates (for the strike).”

Ukraine’s General Staff reported two Russian ferry crossings were destroyed in southern Ukraine in the last 24 hours, along with nine command outposts, and a police dorm in Kherson, which served as barracks for occupying Russian troops.

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Ukraine has been attacking the enemy’s river crossings over the Dnipro south of the Ukrainian-held city of Zaporizhzhya for several weeks.

Ukraine’s South Operational Command says that the three fixed bridges – the Antonivsky road and rail bridges, and the road bridge at Nova Kakhovka – have been rendered unusable by Russian heavy military vehicles following repeated strikes by Ukrainian high-precision rocket artillery.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian figures currently put total enemy troop losses in the current stage of the war at around 48,000.

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