Ukrainian military destroys Russian 20th Army’s command and intelligence center

20 June, 03:17 PM
Ukrainian military (illustrative photo) (Photo:REUTERS / Stanislav Yurchenko)

Ukrainian military (illustrative photo) (Photo:REUTERS / Stanislav Yurchenko)

Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroyed a command and intelligence center belonging to the Russian 20th Army in Kharkiv Oblast, reported Interior Ministry advisor Viktor Andrusiv on Telegram on June 19.

This particular army is a part of Russia’s western military district, which serves as a foundational source for operations in Ukraine’s east.

According to Interior Ministry, these centers typically employ 200-300 individuals for analytical work. They are organized under military control and are run by an officer at least of the colonel rank. However, the number of deaths after the Ukrainian operation remains uncertain.

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“I can confirm that yesterday [on June 18] a command center of Russia’s 20th army was destroyed,” Andrusiv wrote.

“An important detail: this was not solely a command facility, but a command and intelligence unit. All the information gathered by Russian intelligence forces was transferred to this center for analysis and further submission to higher-ranked centers. We don’t know the number of dead yet.”

Earlier, media reports mentioned the elimination of the 20th Army’s intelligence center in Kharkiv Oblast, but the information remained officially unconfirmed for some time. According to media estimates, 40 Russian servicemen were killed in that operation.

Russian intelligence gathering in that region may now be interrupted, as Russian forces use the intelligence service to operate reconnaissance drones and organize raids into Ukrainian-controlled territory.

According to evidence provided by residents of villages in the northern part of Kyiv Oblast that survived the full-scale occupation at the start of the war, the Russian military possessed information on the number of residents in those villages, their military experience, and their personal vehicles.

Before the invasion, media reports mentioned incidents in northern Ukraine, where unidentified individuals would ask local residents about how loyal they feel to the government in Kyiv and what their feelings would be on becoming Russian citizens.

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