Ukrainian film director releases documentary about siege of Mariupol

6 May, 06:54 PM

"The world needs to know what is happening in Mariupol" (Photo:A shot from the movie)

Ukrainian film director Yelyzaveta Tatarinova on May 3 released documentary film "Mariupol. Chronicles of Hell" about Russia's siege of the Ukrainian port city on the coast of the Azov Sea.

The film features the stories of people who managed to escape from the besieged city.

"Mariupol. Chronicles of Hell" is the story of life in the city from the first days of the war, told by those who have managed to survive in hellish conditions.

The film contains documentaries, monologues about the city, and interviews with people who managed to escape from Russian troops.

Видео дня

"The world should know what's going on in Mariupol." Each of the 11 heroes of the film began their story with the words: "The world should know what's going on in Mariupol." 

The documentary features local journalists, volunteers and ordinary housewives.

In particular, the subjects include Mariupol journalists Nadiia Sukhorukova, Mykola Osychenko and Maks Hrabovsky, volunteer Kateryna Yerska, the commandant of the largest bomb shelter in the Mariupol's Terra sports complex, Yevhen Tuzov, and family of the deceased photographer Viktor Diedov.

The film contains eyewitness accounts of the Russian airstrike on the drama theater in Mariupol, which killed about 600 people, and on the city’s maternity hospital, as well as other events that may go down in history as Russian war crimes against the Ukrainian people.

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