There are still enough jets in Russia, but not enough first-class pilots, a military expert says

1 May, 06:04 PM
Ukrainian pilot (Photo:PvkZahid / Facebook)

Ukrainian pilot (Photo:PvkZahid / Facebook)

Over the course of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Ukraine has managed to destroyed 192 Russian planes and 155 helicopters.

However, military expert Serhiy Grabsky believes that the loss of first-class pilots may be more impactful.

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"The enemy simply has more physical aircraft,” Grabsky told Radio NV on May 1.

“We are now waging desperate air battles. In terms of the number of planes, we actually destroyed more than five air regiments. But it's not about planes, it's about crews. The enemy is suffering from quality losses for its aircraft, because its first-class pilots have been knocked out.”

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That is why, in his opinion, Russia has decreased its previously intensified of air raids against Ukraine.

"Historically, Russia has not attached much importance to the air force,” he explained.

“The Russian backbench, in relation, to pilots is very small. And it takes five to seven years of hard work and tens of millions of dollars to train a great pilot (not just takeoff and landing). And the fact that we shot down at least one aircraft every day shows that our air defense system and our air force continue to operate and protect our skies.”

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