Ukrainian military destroys Russian crossing in Kherson Oblast

30 August, 02:53 PM
The Armed Forces of Ukraine (Photo:General Staff via Facebook)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (Photo:General Staff via Facebook)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 82 Russians invaders and destroyed a Russian crossing across the Dnipro River near the village of Lvove, east of Kherson in Kherson Oblast, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South reported on Aug. 30.

In addition, a number of Russian vehicles were destroyed:

  • 1 Anti-aircraft missile system S-300;

  • 2 T-72 tanks;

  • 1 howitzer Msta-B;

  • 3 multiple launch rocket systems “Grad” and “Uragan”;

  • 1 heavy flamethrower system “Sontsepek”;

  • 1 self-propelled artillery mount Giacint-S;

    Video of day

  • 1 self-propelled artillery and mortar installation Nona-S;

  • 120 mm mobile mortar;

  • 1 self-propelled howitzer Akatsiya;

  • 1 self-propelled howitzer Msta-S

  • 1 anti-tank guided missile;

  • 6 armored vehicles;

  • 3 ammunition depots near the areas of Beryslav, Visokopylla and Antonivka.

In total, about 30 units of enemy vehicles were destroyed. Total Russian casualties are still being clarified.

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