Conditions created for offensive as Ukraine engages in large-scale operation in three identified directions

23 May, 06:44 PM
A big offensive. The Armed Forces of Ukraine is planning counteroffensive operations this year (Photo:AP/Libkos)

A big offensive. The Armed Forces of Ukraine is planning counteroffensive operations this year (Photo:AP/Libkos)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) will not publicly disclose a specific date for the Ukrainian counteroffensive, but they will initiate it upon the completion of the destruction of critical rear Russian facilities, according to analysts cited in an NV report published on May 20.

According to Ukrainian military analysts, the three most strategically advantageous directions for the major offensive have been identified as follows: the left-bank part of Kherson Oblast, leading towards the isthmuses that connect to Crimea; the coastal area of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, south of Zaporizhzhya towards Melitopol, effectively severing the “land corridor” to Crimea; and Luhansk Oblast, extending from Svatove eastward to the state border.

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Preparatory activities, similar to those preceding the liberation of the right bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson area, are currently underway in these three designated directions.

According to Mykhailo Samus, Director of the New Geopolitics Research Network, these preparations involve missile and artillery strikes targeting enemy rear areas, encompassing the destruction of command posts, ammunition depots, fuel storage facilities, logistical nodes, and barracks.

“If you look reflect on the Kherson operation, everyone was making phone calls and asking when the strike would finally happen, why it was constantly being postponed,” said Samus.

“In Ukraine and in Western military science, there is no concept of ‘Let’s take this city by May 9’. There are no set deadlines; there are conditions for conducting such operations. And they are being created right now.”

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