Ukrainian National Guard obliterates Russian MLRS near Severodonetsk

13 June, 02:34 PM
Ukrainian army destroyed three MLRS, damaged another one (Photo:Collage NV)

Ukrainian army destroyed three MLRS, damaged another one (Photo:Collage NV)

Operating a M777 howitzer battery, Ukraine’s National Guard destroyed a Russian Grad multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), which had been used to fire at Severodonetsk and other Ukrainian cities, Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces Command said in a Facebook video on June 13.

The Russian system was spotted by Special Operations Forces, who sent their coordinates to a National Guard unit in Luhansk Oblast.

“After acquiring precise coordinates of enemy (MLRS) units with a UAV, our fighters forwarded them to National Guard artillery units, who operate M777 howitzer batteries,” the message said.

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“Our colleagues destroyed three out of four enemy MLRS with precise strikes; the last one was damaged.”

Ukrainian officials have emphasized the need for further heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine, including long-range artillery, in order to counter Russian firepower. However, German news outlet Spiegel revealed that there exists an informal agreement among Western countries to not supply tanks to Ukraine, driven primarily by Germany.

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