Ukraine needs clarity from NATO on its future role in European security – Reznikov

15 June, 12:30 PM
NATO (Photo:Pixabay)

NATO (Photo:Pixabay)

Ukraine and NATO should develop a joint security strategy, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in an article published by U.S.-based think-tank the Atlantic Council on June 14.

“The challenges we face can only be overcome together; Ukraine is now looking for a clear signal from NATO regarding our future role in European security,” Reznikov wrote.

“During the past four months, Ukrainians have demonstrated conclusively that we can serve as Europe’s eastern shield.”

Reznikov wrote that Ukraine and NATO need to develop a common strategy to deal with future security issues. In particular, such cooperation should determine what kind of warplanes or anti-aircraft systems Ukraine is to employ, or how to ensure collective cybersecurity, among other issues.

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The minister said that if the alliance’s new strategic concept doesn’t envisage a clear role for Ukraine, the document would be “detached from reality.”

“This would be a victory for inertia and a green light for dictators like Putin to pursue aggressive foreign policies,” Reznikov added.

The upcoming NATO summit in Spain will be held during the fifth month of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

According to Reznikov, only by demonstrating united resolve can alliance member states determine the war’s outcome and shape the future of global security.

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