Ukraine overcame Russia's winter terror, FM Kuleba says

1 March, 05:15 PM
Kuleba listed five major defeats for Putin in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Dmytro Kuleba/Facebook)

Kuleba listed five major defeats for Putin in the war against Ukraine (Photo:Dmytro Kuleba/Facebook)

Ukraine has managed to overcome Russia's winter terror, meaning Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has suffered another a major defeat in the war, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, said in a statement published on Facebook on March 1.

Kuleba said that Ukrainians had survived their most difficult winter in history.

"On March 1, 2023, Putin suffered his fifth major defeat since the day of the full-scale invasion — Ukraine defeated his winter terror," Kuleba wrote.

“We survived the most difficult winter in our history. We were cold and in darkness, but we were unwavering. The EU has also won, and despite Moscow's mockery, it did not freeze without Russian gas. One piece of advice to Russia: choke on your gas and choke on your missiles.”

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Kuleba also listed four other major defeats for Putin in the war against Ukraine.

"The first defeat was when we did not allow Putin to paralyze us with fear from the first minutes of the offensive," the minister said.

“The second was when we thwarted the Russian blitzkrieg plan. Ukraine did not fall in three days, seven days, a month, or a year. And it will never fall.”

Ukraine’s FM emphasized that Russia suffered its third defeat on the diplomatic front.

"The global coalition supports Ukraine, resolutions, isolation, flow of weapons, sanctions, energy, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine," he concluded.

“The fourth defeat is Russia's loss of a large number of occupied territories of Ukraine as a result of effective actions and counteroffensives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other defense forces.”

Kuleba added that Ukraine still has a long way to go before the final victory in the war with Russia, but Ukrainians must believe in victory and work to bring it closer.

In October, Russia began launching massive missile strikes against Ukraine, targeting critical infrastructure. The Kremlin aimed to deprive Ukrainians of electricity, water, and heating during the winter. Representatives of the Ukrainian government and world leaders called such actions of Moscow an attempt at genocide.

Over the past three weeks, power cuts have stopped in Ukraine, and a complete, countrywide blackout was also avoided.

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