Ukraine training combat kayakers to cross the Dnipro – BILD

29 April, 12:50 PM
Ukraine is preparing special forces to cross the Dnipro River in kayaks (Photo:Bild / Telegram)

Ukraine is preparing special forces to cross the Dnipro River in kayaks (Photo:Bild / Telegram)

Russian invasion forces in occupied Kherson Oblast could be about to get a paddling. 

Ukraine is training combat kayakers who will be involved in the expected upcoming Ukrainian counter-offensive against the Russian invaders, the German tabloid newspaper Bild has reported.

The newspaper said Ukraine’s military intend to use small operational special forces in kayaks to cross the Dnipro River.

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Bild said that Ukraine has been actively purchasing special equipment for this purpose and engaging expert trainers since January.

The newspaper published photos and videos from a training camp where elite fighters were being trained to perform the risky river crossing. In them, Ukrainian special forces soldiers in full combat gear can be seen carrying kayaks to water and then paddling across a river.

In October, the Ukrainian military made a failed attempt to retake the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant by crossing the Dnipro River, UK newspaper the Times claimed in a report on the secret operation. Bild said a German citizen is also involved in the training of special forces, overseeing the training of about 40 Ukrainian soldiers.

The newspaper said kayaks are better than motorboats for approaching enemy positions undetected, as there is no engine noise, and soldiers are closer to the water, making it harder to spot their approach.

The kayaks the Ukrainians are training with are easily disassembled for transportation even over difficult-to-reach terrain, Bild reports.

But the most important thing is that the kayaks have a special coating and structurewith a low level of infrared radiation emissions. This makes it difficult for the Russians to see them in the dark – even with night vision devices.

Thus, the Ukrainian military will be able to silently cross rivers or reservoirs, hopefully unseen, and under the cover of one or more Ukrainian snipers on the other bank.

As Bild writes, the details of exactly where these fighters can be used in a counter-offensive are not known, but, obviously, such operations could be launched wherever the Russians have retreated behind a reservoir and think they are safe.

Last week, information appeared that Ukrainian defenders landed on the left bank of the Dnipro in Kherson Oblast, near the town of Oleshki. The Ukrainian military called for informational silence about the crossing for the sake of the safety of Ukrainian soldiers.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the training of the Ukrainian soldiers was taking place abroad. They are in fact being trained at an undisclosed location in Ukraine.

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