Ukraine will soon have another Victory Day to celebrate, Zelensky said in VE Day address

9 May, 12:52 PM
Zelensky addressed Ukrainians on Victory Day (Photo:The Office of the President of Ukraine)

Zelensky addressed Ukrainians on Victory Day (Photo:The Office of the President of Ukraine)

Soon, Ukraine will have two Victory Days to celebrate, while others will be left with none, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his VE Day address on May 9.

“We were victorious then; we will be victorious now; Khreschatyk (the most prominent street in Kyiv) will have a victory parade – Ukraine’s victory!”

According to Zelensky, as the country is commemorating the victory over the Third Reich, Ukrainians are fighting for another triumph over a new kind of barbaric invaders.

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“This isn’t a war of two armies; it’s a war of two worldviews,” Zelensky said.

“(Against the) barbarians, who are firing on Skovoroda (a venerated Ukrainian philosopher) Museum, hoping their weapons can destroy our philosophy; it annoys them; it’s alien to them; it scares them. It postulates that we are free people, making our own way (in the world). it is on this path hat we’re waging this war, and we won’t cede an inch of our land.”

On Feb. 24, Russia made the same mistake as Nazi Germany when it invaded to try and subjugate Ukrainians, according to the president.

“We survived different wars, but all of them ended the same way,” Zelensky stated.

“Our land was sown with bullets and shells, but not a single enemy managed to put down their roots here. Our fields were trampled by enemy chariots and tanks, to no avail. No chains can bind our spirits. No occupier can have a life in our lands of liberty. No invader can ever subjugate our free people. Sooner or later, we emerge victorious.”

Zelensky went on to add that Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom, and the freedom of their children.

“We don’t say ‘we can do it again’ (a modern Russian jingoistic slogan),” the president said, adding that anyone calling for a repeat of the “2,194 days” of World War 2 a “lunatic,” and accused Russia of repeating Nazi war crimes and following Nazi philosophy.

“He is doomed, for he was cursed by millions of (our) ancestors – the moment he started to imitate their killer,” said Zelensky.

“That’s why he will lose everything.”

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