Ukraine ‘recon canine’ chews off own paw to escape Russian trap on the front

31 January 2022, 12:20 PM

A Ukrainian army dog named Vasya has heroically escaped a trap laid by Russian proxy forces, but at the cost of one of his paws, Ukrainian army reserve officer Olena Bilozerska wrote in a post on social media on Jan. 29. 

Vasya is a Cane Corso, a highly intelligent mastiff breed from Italy. The four-legged fighter has served for several years in a Ukrainian marine intelligence unit, living in a dugout side-by-side with soldiers.

Vasya has courageously stood guard alongside his fellow soldiers, and has even helped with unloading supplies, all the while being quite friendly with his fellow animals-in-arms – the cats that lived in the dugout.

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Ukrainian soldiers evacuate Vasya the Corso to a military hospital (Фото: Olena Biloserska/Facebook)
Ukrainian soldiers evacuate Vasya the Corso to a military hospital / Photo: Olena Biloserska/Facebook

However, one day, Vasya just vanished into thin air, wrote Bilozerska. His comrades searched for him high and low, but to no avail. With the help of a drone, they managed to find the dog, only to discover that Vasya had gotten caught in wire beside the trenches of the enemy forces.

It would have been extremely dangerous to come to the dog’s rescue, as it would have been almost impossible to do so unnoticed. However, his human brothers-in-arms were still ready to risk their lives to rescue their four-legged friend.

But only a short time later, they were astonished to discover that Vasya had managed to escape – all by himself. He had chewed off one of his paws, and returned to his unit on three legs.

“Vasya did not want to be the enemy's prisoner,” wrote Bilozerska. Now Vasya is on well-deserved medical leave in his owner’s village.

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