Ukraine's FM rules out potential concessions to Russia to achieve ceasefire

16 May, 08:44 PM
Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:REUTERS/Michele Tantussi)

Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:REUTERS/Michele Tantussi)

Ukraine rules out making any concessions to Russia to achieve a ceasefire in the war with Russia, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told BloombergTelevision in an interview in Brussels on May 16.

Kuleba declined to comment on whether French President Emmanuel Macron had, as some media reported, urged his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to accept Kremlin demands if it meant achieving peace.

He dismissed the idea of making concessions to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in exchange for ending his invasion of Ukraine. 

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"Looking for face-saving options for Putin is simply a false approach," Kuleba said."Let Putin himself find a face-saving option."

The Ukrainian foreign minister said Ukraine still aims to restore full territorial integrity. That would include areas of the eastern Donbas region controlled by Russian-backed forces before the invasion, as well as the Crimean Peninsula seized by Russia in 2014.

The foreign minister, in Brussels to meet EU counterparts, expressed confidence that Ukraine would eventually win the war against Russia."We want everything that belongs to us to be ours," he said.

The diplomat also chided EU leaders who have cast doubt that Ukraine would be able to secure EU membership candidacy status next month, saying public opinion in the 27-member bloc is moving in his country's favor. 

"It would be a moral failure that would be judged by history," Kuleba said of the prospect of Ukraine's candidacy being rejected.

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