Ukraine’s air defense destroys two Russian SU-35S fighters

2 March 2022, 06:17 PM

Ukrainian air defenses took down two Russian SU-35S fighters over Kyiv Oblast around midnight last night, reports Ukrainian Air Force command.

 “On the night of March 1, a fierce air battle broke out in Kyiv Oblast between a pair of MiG-29 fighters of the tactical air brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a pair of Russian Su-35S. As a result of that air battle, both Russian aircraft were destroyed.

Air-to-air missiles from the MiG-29 worked jointly against the invaders with the guided anti-aircraft missiles from the local air command brigade’s S-300 system,” the report reads.

Video of day

The Ukrainian Air Force lost one MiG-29 jet during the engagement. Searches for the pilot are ongoing.

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