Kyiv recognized as 2023 Honorary Best City

4 January, 10:51 PM
Kyiv was honored in the ranking of the best cities in the world 2023 (Photo:teksomolika/Freepik)

Kyiv was honored in the ranking of the best cities in the world 2023 (Photo:teksomolika/Freepik)

Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, has been recognized as the 2023 Honorary Best City in the World’s Best Cities ranking compiled by the Resonance consulting agency.

According to the report, the historic Ukrainian capital is “the urban beacon of courage and resilience leading a defiant nation against a murderous aggressor.”

“It is, like the rest of Ukraine, a place of inexhaustible courage in the face of daily tragedy,” the authors said.

“Kyiv is a city of many faces. The Dnipro, one of Europe’s largest rivers, divides Ukraine’s capital into two different worlds: the right bank – with its historical center, administrative buildings, cafés and restaurants – and the residential left bank.”

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The experts also called the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra monastery a symbol of Kyiv, while the spirit of the capital city, which the Russian invading forces failed to break, is called a huge achievement.

“For the capital of a country under relentless attack, Kyiv now looks surprisingly normal,” reads the report.

“That is, until recently, when over a few days in October, a wave of self-destructing Iranian-made drones launched by Russia started terrorizing the city’s skies and killing citizens. Remarkably, cinemas, restaurants and theaters remain open; stylish young people drink their filter coffee with their dogs and laptops; during rush hour, traffic jams once again clog the city’s arteries. The city’s impressively deep subway – built at the height of the Cold War so it could serve as a bomb shelter – is once again doing what it does best: whisking people around for just eight hryvnia, or 20 cents, per ride.”

The authors noted the Ukrainian capital is once again coming back to life, despite Russia’s plans to seize the city.

“Although the Russians intended to capture Ukraine’s capital in three days, they never came close,” the report says.

“Facing determined resistance and crippled by their own incompetence, they soon abandoned their ambitious plans. A few months later, most Kyivans returned home. This isn’t the first time Kyiv has sprung back to life. The city’s history is full of wars and revolutions – after each of which it inevitably blooms again in a 1,500-year cycle of devastation and rebirth.”

Meanwhile, the World’s Best Cities ranking topped by London, followed by Paris and New York City.

Resonance Consultancy is a consulting agency for real estate, tourism and economic development. Every year, the company conducts its own assessment of the world’s major cities in terms of quality of life. The cities are assessed under such criteria as climate and location, population diversity, media reports about the cities, leisure activities, and the level of development.

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