Ukraine's cultural foundation launches interactive ‘Map of Cultural Losses’

7 April, 02:54 PM
The map shows the extent of the destruction of monuments (

The map shows the extent of the destruction of monuments (

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has launched an interactive "Map of Cultural Losses" to demonstrate the scale of the cultural damage Ukraine has suffered as a result of the Russian invasion of the country, the foundation said in a statement on April 5.

"According to preliminary estimates, over 150 monuments and cultural sites were partially damaged or completely destroyed as a result of a full-scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine," the statement says.

"The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is launching an interactive 'Map of Cultural Losses' to demonstrate the scale of the damage. Visualization of such war crimes also refutes the various claims of the Russian authorities that their army only makes surgical strikes on military infrastructure."

Видео дня

The foundation said anyone can participate in updating the map. 

"If you have witnessed the destruction of cultural heritage during the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, send photo or video evidence to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy resource: The data will be displayed on the interactive map after verification," the foundation’s statement reads.

"We also hope that this map will be a strong argument in discussions with partners for the exclusion of Russia from various international cultural organizations or associations," said Vladyslav Berkovski, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, quoted in the statement.

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