Ukraine's Defense Ministry refutes Russian myths about Battle of Bakhmut

29 March, 09:38 PM
The Ministry of Defense told about the real situation in Bakhmut (Photo:93rd Mechanized Brigade Kholodny Yar via REUTERS)

The Ministry of Defense told about the real situation in Bakhmut (Photo:93rd Mechanized Brigade Kholodny Yar via REUTERS)

Russian occupiers are trying to shift the narrative in the Battle of Bakhmut to present the city as “post-apocalyptic,” while continue their efforts for a successful offensive there, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Mallar wrote on Telegram on March 29. 

According to Maliar, Russian media has three main goals:

  • to undermine Ukrainians' confidence in the military, especially in the decision-making of Ukrainian command
  • to demotivate and mentally weaken Ukrainian troops
  • to provoke Ukraine's military leadership to making false moves.

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In these ways, the occupiers are trying to shift the narrative about Bakhmut to negate the narrative that Ukraine’s shrewd Ukrainian military decisions have proven successful in Bakhmut, the deputy minister said.

"The shifted focus is to view Bakhmut as an apocalyptic event and to divide reality into 'before' and 'after' from these battles. The enemy uses this mental trick to instill its ideas and narratives," she wrote.

When the fight for Bakhmut is viewed as decisive over the course of the war, it allows the enemy to promote their scenarios of Ukrainian actions into media field, Maliar said.

"They want Ukrainian society to put pressure on the military and political leadership to stop the defense by threatening it with the idea of the coming end," her message reads.

Russia is using the three following messages:

  • it was a political decision to continue the defense of Bakhmut
  • it makes no sense to hold on to Bakhmut as it has already been encircled
  • the overblown heroism of Ukrainian defenders by Ukrainian media.

Maliar noted that Ukrainians defend every city with as much devotion as Bakhmut. The needs in personnel and equipment are determined by combat tasks to repel the Russian aggression and not by any political considerations.

The defense of Bakhmut is now driven by competent military commanders to fulfil tasks the Ukrainian army is facing now.

"Bakhmut will be defended as long as we need it in terms of fulfilling our military defense tasks. And it is our military command, not the Russian IPSO (psychological operations), that will determine how long Bakhmut will be defended. And this is the most unpleasant information for the enemy. The battle for Bakhmut is not an apocalypse. This is another heroic page of the powerful Ukrainian army in the war against Russia," she emphasized.

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