Ukraine’s foreign minister reveals record levels of support for Ukraine as Russia threatens invasion

7 February, 06:30 PM
In recent weeks, Ukraine has received tons of military aid from the United States (Photo:Oleksii Reznikov/Twitter)

In recent weeks, Ukraine has received tons of military aid from the United States (Photo:Oleksii Reznikov/Twitter)

Ukraine has received a record amount of military aid in recent months amid the ongoing threat of a potential further Russian invasion, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said at a briefing on Feb. 7.

“We are in constant contact with partners, and continue to consolidate the international coalition in support of Ukraine,” the minister said.

“Thanks to this work, today Ukraine receives enhanced political, economic and security support.”

Kuleba pointed out that “its total volume over these weeks and months has crossed the $1.5 billion mark, while the number of defensive weapons and military equipment delivered to Ukraine has exceeded 1,000 tons.”

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The Ukrainian foreign minister added that this record show of aid by Ukraine’s friends and partners show that Ukraine is not alone in its struggle against Russian aggression, and that they help bolster Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table.

Ukraine has been a grateful recipient of military aid from partner nations in recent weeks, in response to a large buildup of Russian military assets on its borders.

In particular, at least eight cargo transfers of military aid from the United States have arrived in Ukraine since early 2022.

On Jan. 18, Ukraine received a shipment of NLAWs (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons) from the United Kingdom.

The Netherlands and the Czech Republic have also announced their readiness to send defensive weapons to Ukraine.

On Jan. 21, the defense ministers of the three Baltic states said the United States had given them permission to send U.S.-made Stinger shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin portable anti-tank missiles.

Russia has been massing troops at the Russian-Ukrainian border since late October.

More than 130,000 Russian troops and offensive weapons have been deployed near Ukraine’s borders and in the temporarily occupied territories, according to the latest intelligence estimate from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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