Day 51 of Putin's war. Ukraine's military repels eight attacks in the Donbas, RF admits sinking of cruiser

15 April, 11:58 AM
Ukrainian soldiers near a destroyed Russian tank in the village of Termakhivka in Kyiv Oblast (Photo:REUTERS/Vladyslav Musiienko)

Ukrainian soldiers near a destroyed Russian tank in the village of Termakhivka in Kyiv Oblast (Photo:REUTERS/Vladyslav Musiienko)

Friday, April 15, marks the 51st day of Ukraine's defense against a full-scale Russian invasion.

UPDATE (1600):

Russian troops have fired on Mykolaiv Oblast from multiple launch rocket systems, says oblast council head Hanna Zamezeeva. Casualties are currently unknown.

Ukraine's rail carrier Ukrzaliznytsia reports that it will be restarting routes from Kyiv's outskirts to Chernihiv, a northern border city that has endured heavy shelling from the Russians.

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UPDATE (1400):

Ukrainian forces downed a Ka-52 Russian helicopter in the Kharkiv region, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

"Soldiers from the 93rd Separate Mechanized Bridge downed a Ka-52 belonging to the horde and crushed those that came to rescue the pilots. The rescuers and pilots have both been bored," reports the Air Force.

Meanwhile, the invaders shot an evacuation bus leaving Kharkiv, killing ten and wounding up to 30 civilians, reports news agency Interfax-Ukraine.

UPDATE (1345):
Losses of the Russian military as of April 15, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces

  • Total troop losses — 20000
  • Tanks — 756
  • Armored vehicles — 1976
  • Artillery systems — 366
  • Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) — 122
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) — 66
  • Planes — 163
  • Helicopters — 144
  • Automobiles — 1443
  • Boats/cutters — 8
  • Fuel tanks — 76
  • Combat drones — 135
  • Specialized equipment — 25
  • Operational and tactical missile systems — 4

Yesterday, the Russian government officially admitted that the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet, the Atlant-class guided missile cruiser Moskva had sunk, though it avoided naming the reason for the Moscow's misfortune - a Ukrainian strike using domestically-produce Neptune anti-ship missiles.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to mount fresh offensives in Ukraine's Donbas region.

At least 500 people have died in Kharkiv Oblast since the start of the war, reports the local military head, including 24 children. Kharkiv Oblast has been the site of several battles between Ukrainian and Russian forces, and the city itself has withstood numerous constant shelling attacks, as the Russians attempt to soften the city up for a push deeper into the Donbas.

The mayor of Bucha, a suburb north of Kyiv, has admitted that the authorities are encountering extreme difficulty in restoring the suburb's infrastructure, including power, water, and gas.

He also mentioned that the government is continuing to uncover fresh evidence of atrocities committed by Russian occupying troops, with 85% of uncovered victims showing signs of gunshot wounds.

A prisoner exchange was held in Kherson Oblast, where four Ukrainians were exchanged for five Russian prisoners of war, reports Ukraine's Operational Command South.

In Vyshneve, a suburb south of Kyiv, the local government reports a targeted Russian missile on a structure within the city. Power and communications have been knocked out, they say. Unconfirmed reports say the target hit was a munitions factory, responsible for the production of Neptune and Stugna rockets.

In Donbas, Ukraine's General Staff reports that Ukrainian defenders repelled eight Russian attacks, destroying four tanks and six BTR armored personnel carriers.

In the besieged Ukrainian Donbas port city of Mariupol, Russian invaders are said to have forbidden the burial of murdered citizens, and are exhuming the bodies of those that have been buried, reports the local city council.

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