Ukraine’s SBU detains female collaborator in Kharkiv Oblast

15 December 2022, 04:32 PM
The collaborator faces up to 10 years in prison (Photo:SBU)

The collaborator faces up to 10 years in prison (Photo:SBU)

Ukraine’s SBU security service has detained a female collaborator who was one of the leaders of the Russian occupying administration in the Izyum district of Kharkiv Oblast, the agency reported on Dec. 15.

The woman was engaged in collecting passport data of local residents, which the Kremlin regime used to falsify the results of a sham referendum on the “joining” of the region to Russia.

In addition, she was actively looking for like-minded people, whom she tried to attract to collaborate with the invaders, promising fake “positions” for this.

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Photo: SBU

After the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast during the counter-offensive of Ukrainian troops, the woman tried to hide from justice, but the SBU eventually tracked her down.

She was served with charged papers under Part 5 of Art. 111−1 (collaborative activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The article foresees imprisonment from five to 10 years.

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