Ukraine’s SBU uncovers Russian agent who blew up Ukrainian ammo in the south

9 September, 02:16 PM
The perpetrator faces life imprisonment (Photo:Screenshot of SBU video)

The perpetrator faces life imprisonment (Photo:Screenshot of SBU video)

Ukraine’s SBU security service said on Sept. 9 its officers had detained a Russian agent who was planning to carry out sabotage against the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the southern area.

According to the SBU, while performing the tasks of his Russian supervisors, the saboteur established the whereabouts of the Ukrainian positions and blew up part of the ammunition that was located there.

For this sabotage, the agent, a Ukrainian, was to receive a UAH 30,000 ($8,400) “reward.”

“The traitor turned out to be a habitual criminal, repeatedly convicted of serious and especially grave crimes, including murder,” SBU spokesperson Anton Dekhtiarenko said.

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“The man came under the aggressor’s scrutiny due to his pro-Russian views, which he expressed among those around him, including in criminal circles.”

The detainee has been charged with treason committed under martial law. The article provides for punishment from 15 years in prison to life imprisonment.

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