Ukraine’s SBU foils false-flag attack aimed at shooting down an airliner above Russia or Belarus

1 May, 02:10 PM
The enemy was going to shoot down a passenger plane above Russia or Belarus (illustrative photo) (Photo:Boryspil / Facebook)

The enemy was going to shoot down a passenger plane above Russia or Belarus (illustrative photo) (Photo:Boryspil / Facebook)

Ukraine’s SBU security service has uncovered and neutralized enemy agents who were planning to shoot down a passenger airliner over Russia or Belarus and blame Ukraine for the attack, an SBU spokesperson said in a press briefing on May 1.

The SBU says that the attack had been planned by members of Russia’s general staff, using a U.S.-made Stinger MANPAD.

A number of Russian agents were tasked with obtaining a Stinger system and smuggling it to Russia.

This group included two individuals with dual citizenship, as well as one local Ukrainian collaborator, and coordinated by Alexander “Marine” Tyuterev – a Russian citizen employed by the Main Directorate of Russia’s General Staff.

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Tyuterev is wanted for his earlier involvement in plotting a series of attacks in Odesa oblast.

To achieve their goals, these enemy agents attempted to gain the trust of members of Ukraine’s Armed Forces by divulging accurate information about the movement of Russia’s so-called “kadyrovtsi” regiments – units under the personal command of Putin vassal and Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov.

After establishing their “patriotic volunteer fighters” bona fides, the Russian espionage group planned to leverage this relationship into getting a hold of a foreign-made MANPAD system.

The SBU says it apprehended the entire cell in a special operation. Detailed investigation of the foiled false flag attack is ongoing, and the perpetrators are expected to face criminal charges.

During the course of the investigation, it became apparent that Russian security services have degraded substantially. In particular, “Marine” Tyuterev was shown to have been misleading his superiors about his alleged successes in Ukraine. He ordered his agents in Ukraine to fabricate evidence of a successful covert attack in Ukraine: they were manufacturing staged video and photo evidence of a supposed “attack on a Territorial Defense Force checkpoint.”

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