Ukraine sets up emergency relief stations to help deal with power outages

23 November 2022, 01:01 AM
Point of invincibility in liberated Kherson (Photo:ТИМОШЕНКО Офіс Президента / Telegram)

Point of invincibility in liberated Kherson (Photo:ТИМОШЕНКО Офіс Президента / Telegram)

The Ukrainian government is rolling out a network of so-called “Nezalmnist” (Ukrainian for “resilience”) emergency relief stations across the country, which will provide constant and reliable access to electricity, internet, heating, water, and first aid, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his Nov. 22 evening address.

“If massive Russian strikes happen again and we aren’t be able to restore power supply within hours, then we will activate ‘Invincibility Stations,” the president said.

“We all must be prepared for any scenarios, considering what the (Russian) terrorists we’re fighting against are capable of. I am sure that by helping each other, we will be able to get through this winter, together.”

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By Nov. 22, more than 4,000 of such stations are ready, with more on the way, Zelenskyy said. The stations will provide basic services – electricity, mobile communications, internet connectivity, heating, water supply, and first aid kits. They will be open 24/7, free of charge.

Zelenskyy also thanked Ukrainian businesses that offered to convert their offices into the emergency relief stations, often contributing generators and Starlink stations.

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