Ukraine takes out Russian S-300 air defense system in occupied Crimea

9 April, 06:51 PM
Explosions in Feodosia (Photo:Freedom / Telegram)

Explosions in Feodosia (Photo:Freedom / Telegram)

Powerful explosions rocked the temporarily occupied Feodosia in the south-eastern Crimea, Telegram channel Crimean Wind reported on April 8.

According to updated reports, two missiles were launched at the city, with one destroying an S-300 air defense system.

"One missile was shot down by air defense, the second hit the S-300 system and blew it up," the statement said.

“Three soldiers were wounded. Judging by the photos of the explosion, the missile was aimed at the location of the air defense system near the village of Pionerske.”

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Two explosions occurred in occupied Feodosia on April 8. Later, occupation authorities reported the operation of air defense systems, and smoke was spotted in the city.

The Kremlin's protege in Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, initially reported that one missile hit the city. He claimed the explosions were related to air defense, and that one missile was supposedly intercepted.

Russian media published a photo of the debris from the allegedly downed Ukrainian missile.

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