Ukraine to video serving of mobilization papers to produce objective record of process

24 February, 01:50 PM
Mobilization 2023: summonses for data clarification and VLK will be issued according to a new principle (

Mobilization 2023: summonses for data clarification and VLK will be issued according to a new principle (

Ukraine will film the issuing of mobilization orders to citizens in order to provide an “objective record” of the process, and so Russian propagandists can’t make use of one-sided videos of people objecting to being summoned, a military spokesperson has said.

Most cases of conflicts during the serving of mobilization summons that went viral on social media were initiated by draftees, Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalia Humeniuk said an interview with Ukrainian Radio Svoboda on Feb. 17.

Video of day

She said the Ukrainian Armed Forces was responding to an active online discussion about the issue of summons for military service, following the publishing of a video online showing an attempt to forcibly serve a summons to a man from Odesa.

Humeniuk said that each working group of the territorial recruitment centers will receive one or more cameras in order to record the procedure of issuing summonses for the "objective evaluation" of conflicts.

"Every group is to be equipped,” Humeniuk said. “We're working on it. … We will use (cameras) … in order to have an opportunity to evaluate the entire situation if they occur.”

She stressed that such cases are "not as typical as they are presented to be," and she personally condemns the use of force in the serving of summons. However, the said men sometimes act aggressively and end up being detained by the military or police.

Complaints about the forced delivery of summons is among the provocations that Russian propaganda actively uses in its narratives, Humeniuk added.

The schedule for equipping territorial recruitment centers with cameras wasn't made public, nor the specifics of what should be recorded.

Who is authorized to serve a summon

The paragraph 56 of the Mobilization Regulation states that the conscription orders are issued by the heads of district military and enlistment offices. Those who are obliged to perform military service have to present themselves the office after receiving a conscription notice.

Subpoenas are served by authorized persons:

·         representatives of local government bodies;

·         heads of entities, institutions, organizations, regardless of their subordination and form of ownership;

·         representatives of educational facilities;

·         officials of the district (city) territorial center for recruitment and social support.

In order to do so, they have to have a relevant order from the head of the recruitment center with the full name of the subjects. Otherwise, it can be a relevant order issued for the management of entities, institutions, organizations.

Responsibility for avoiding mobilisation

Upon a written submission from the head of the recruitment center, the police may detain a person who evades mobilization.

Violation of the rules of military registration is subject to administrative punishment, while evasion of mobilization is subject to criminal punishment.

·         Administrative liability may be imposed in the form of a fine of 200 to 300 tax-free minimum incomes (UAH 248,000-372,150 or $6,750-10,125). Repeated violation or violation during the state of emergency entails a fine of 200 to 300 tax-free minimum incomes for citizens and 300 to 500 tax-free minimum incomes for officials (UAH 372,150-620,250 or $10,125-16,875).

·         A person found guilty of this may be imprisoned for up to three years.

·         Draft evasion is punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to five years.

·         A fine of 300 to 500 tax-free minimum incomes (UAH 372,150-620,250 or $10,125-16,875) or correctional labor for up to one year can be imposed in case of evasion of military registration by a person liable for military service or a reservist after a warning is issued by the relevant head of the recruitment center, heads of the relevant bodies of Ukraine’s security service, or relevant units of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

·         In accordance with the procedure established by law, the National Police of Ukraine is obliged to bring to the recruitment centers or other authorized bodies persons who have committed administrative offenses in regard to the draft noticing or recruitment procedure.

The National Police of Ukraine or their territorial subdivisions, at the request of the recruitment centers, are to submit information on conscripts about whether or not a conscript has a criminal record within ten days.

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