Ukraine calls for caution in discussing recent battlefield developments

30 August, 11:50 AM
Ukrainian servicemen (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Facebook)

Ukrainian servicemen (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Facebook)

Keeping operational security (opsec) in mind, Ukrainians should remain calm and refrainfrom publicly disseminating reports of Ukrainian forces movements in southern Ukraine, thespokesperson for the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South, Natalia Humeniuk, said on Ukrainian TV on Aug. 29.

The success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine relies on “radio silence,” Humeniuk reiterated.

“It’s poor form to discuss ongoing military operations. (The operation) requires radio silence, and our current excitement is welcomed by enemy forces.”

Refusing to “boast of unfinished work,” Humeniuk pledged to give a full report on the operation in Kherson Oblast as soon as it’s concluded.

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According to Humeniuk, the news about the recent counteroffensive broke because Ukrainian troops are well-aware of how eager Ukrainians are for good news from the front.

“We urge (everyone) to refrain from further disclosures, to wait,” Humeniuk concluded.

“These leaks were followed by a barrage of (enemy) missiles at Mykolayiv.”

Quoting a source in the Ukrainian military, CNN reported on Aug. 29 that Kyiv’s troops have liberated four settlements near Kherson.

Operational Command South later confirmed a counteroffensive is underway in the region.

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