Ukrainian air defenses ‘keep skies clear of Russian aircraft for two-and-a-half months’

10 July, 01:27 PM
Air defense systems of Ukraine (

Air defense systems of Ukraine (

Russian invading forces are only using aviation on the front line, as their pilots fear being shot down over other areas of Ukraine, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat has said on Ukrainian national TV on July 10.

“The enemy has changed the tactics of using his aircraft,” said Ignat. “We all see cruise missiles flying over, most of them Soviet-made. That is, we understand that stocks are dwindling. We cannot be sure that they are saving them, (but it’s) probably so. Their tactics for the last two-and-a-half months remain the same – they operate from outside the territory of Ukraine, they do not enter our air defense zone, because they don’t want to be shot down.”

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According to Ignat, the Russian invaders only use their air forces on the front lines, where there are intense military clashes.

"Enemy helicopters and ground attack aircraft are operating there and launching air strikes directly in the vicinity of the hostilities," he added.

He also noted that the Ukrainian air force is also providing air support on the front line.

"Our air force, which includes bombers, attack aircraft and military helicopters, work daily on the front line, as well as in the depths of enemy defenses,” said Ignat.

“They strike enemy troops, equipment, as well as rear command posts, ammunition depots, and so on.”

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