Ukrainian Air Force confirms arrival of Ukrainian pilots in US for testing

6 March, 11:55 AM
The Air Force explained the importance of the arrival of Ukrainian pilots to the United States (Photo:General Staff)

The Air Force explained the importance of the arrival of Ukrainian pilots to the United States (Photo:General Staff)

The Ukrainian Air Force has confirmed that two Ukrainian pilots have arrived in the United States, where they are to be tested for the possibility of future training by U.S. specialists, Yuriy Ihnat, spokesman for the Air Force Command, said in a comment to Voice of America on March 5.

He said that Ukrainian pilots “may potentially be involved in future training.”

Ihnat said that during the visit of Ukrainian pilots to the United States, it would be established “how much time is needed for their training, their level of knowledge, etc.”

“And all these points are taken into account, and further steps will be taken to understand the algorithm of actions: how will we act next, where will we train (Ukrainian pilots), if a decision is made (to provide Ukraine with) one or another type plane," Ihnat said.

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He said consultations are currently ongoing regarding the provision of fighter jets to Ukraine.

“Consultations are still ongoing, the Ukrainian side is closely cooperating on various fronts: diplomatically, militarily, and so on – with our partners,” Ihnat said.

“(If) a decision is made about another type of aircraft, then we will already know the number of pilots and where to send them for this training. For now, the U.S. side is studying the capabilities of our pilots, (estimating) how much time they will need to retrain for modern fighters.”

He added that, in addition to training pilots, training of the aviation engineering staff that will service the aircraft is an equally important factor.

Ihnat said that Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is now working on adapting airfields, reserve airfields, and operational airfields to receive modern foreign fighter jets.

Earlier, the mass media reported that two Ukrainian pilots are in Arizona for training on flight simulators and to improve their skills.

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