Ukrainian Armed Forces admit to carrying out missile strikes on airfields in occupied Crimea

7 September, 10:31 PM
People relax on the beach while the airbase in Novofedorivka burns (Photo:REUTERS/Stringer)

People relax on the beach while the airbase in Novofedorivka burns (Photo:REUTERS/Stringer)

Airbases in the occupied Crimea were hit by a series of successful missile strikes, Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valeriy said in an article published by Ukrinform news agency on Sept. 7.

"We are talking about a series of successful missile strikes on the enemy's Crimean air bases, first of all – on the Saky airfield," the article reads.

The article, written jointly by Zaluzhnyi and First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Defense Committee Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, states that the main characteristic of the military confrontation between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian forces is "a significant disproportion in capabilities."

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"Its most illustrative embodiment is the difference in the maximum range of weapons,” the article reads.

“If for the Russian Armed Forces it is up to 2,000 kilometers, taking into account the range of airborne cruise missiles, for the Armed Forces of Ukraine it is actually limited to 100 kilometers by the range of missiles and the depth of the launch positions of outdated tactical ballistic missile systems.”

The generals said that it was impossible to deprive the enemy of such a significant advantage immediately, but it is quite possible to counter the enemy's ability to act in such a way and at such a range.

"We are talking, of course, about the supply of weapons systems or certain types of ammunition with the appropriate range to the Armed Forces by Ukraine's partners," they said.

"A comprehensive approach should be applied to the re-equipment of (Ukraine’s) artillery, missile forces, tactical aviation and naval forces," the article says.

Zaluzhnyi and Zabrodskyi said that a convincing testament to the correctness of such an approach this year was the successful efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to physically transfer hostilities to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Explosions in Crimea – what is known?

Since the beginning of August, a series of blasts have been heard at Russian military facilities in occupied Crimea. Ukraine previously had not officially declared its involvement in them.

On Aug. 9, Crimea was gripped by panic after a series of explosions at the Saky military airfield near the resort village of Novofedorivka. Then the occupation "authorities" called the cause of the explosions "the detonation of several aircraft munitions", fearing to recognize the strike of the Armed Forces on the target on the peninsula.

According to CNN, that day Russia suffered the largest daily losses in aviation since World War II.

Washington Post wrote that Ukrainian Special Operations Forces were behind the attack on the airfield in Crimea.

A week later, on Aug.16, an ammunition depot exploded near the village of Azovske, Dzhankoy district, and a fire broke out at a transformer station in Dzhankoy.

Later, on Aug. 16, explosions occurred at the Russian airbase in the village of Hvardiyske near Simferopol, where, according to Bellingcat, 24 Russian aircraft were based.

The occupation authorities again called the cause of these explosions "detonation of ammunition."

According to CNN, Ukraine is behind at least three explosions in occupied Crimea.

These attacks in Crimea caused panic among Russian vacationers and local occupiers, causing large traffic jams with those wishing to leave the peninsula and go back to Russia.

Moreover, according to Ukrainian intelligence, after a series of explosions in Crimea, the occupiers began to urgently evacuate planes and helicopters.

Explosions on the peninsula resumed on Aug. 18. In Kerch, according to the local occupation authorities, air defense was triggered. Explosions were also heard in Sevastopol and near the Russian military airfield in Belbek. The "governor" of occupied Sevastopol stated that an unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down near the Belbek airport.

The next day, explosions were heard in the sky over Yevpatoriya and in the nearby village, as well as in Sevastopol. The occupation authorities again claimed the successful work of air defense and a downed drone.

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