As Ukrainian army destroys ammo dumps in occupied territories, Russians step up sabotage and reconnaissance

13 July, 02:53 PM
Russians step up sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Luhansk Oblast (

Russians step up sabotage and reconnaissance in occupied Luhansk Oblast (

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are destroying enemy warehouses in Luhansk Oblast. In response, Russian invading forces have intensified the work of the sabotage and reconnaissance groups, regional governor Serhiy Hayday reported on Telegram on July 13.

" Occupiers have Intensified subversive intelligence activities because of the lack of ammunition,” the official wrote.

“No, the Russian army does not stop shelling. However, most likely, it spares the existing stocks of rounds, because their supply has been interrupted by the work of our new long-range weapons".

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According to him, military warehouses in Kadiivka and Luhansk recently detonated, and there was also a blast in the industrial zone of occupied Luhansk at night.

"That's why the sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the occupiers are moving forward again, trying to find weak points in our defense," he noted.

Hayday stated that Russians are pressing not only from Lysychansk and Popasna but also from the Izyum axis.

A series of explosions erupted in occupied Luhansk on the night of July 13, as social media users reported a fire at a Russian ammunition depot.

Explosions also rang out in the city on the evening of July 10. Local residents reported that the explosions took place at ammo dumps of the Russian invading forces.

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