Ukrainian army ‘destroys one of four enemy bases’ in occupied Melitopol

3 July, 12:41 PM
The Armed Forces of Ukraine made more than 30 strikes on the Russian military base in Melitopol (Photo:RIA-Melitopol / Telegram)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine made more than 30 strikes on the Russian military base in Melitopol (Photo:RIA-Melitopol / Telegram)

Ukrainian forces put out of action one of the four Russian military bases in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya Oblast overnight on July 3, city mayor Ivan Fedorov has reported. 

He said Ukrainian forces hit the base, at the city’s military airfield, more than 30 times.

According to Fedorov, the invaders are now trying to create “fake news” claiming that peaceful areas were hit, civilians were injured and urban infrastructure was destroyed.

“It didn't happen,” the mayor said. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted more than 30 hits exclusively on the Russian military base.”

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In addition, Fedorov said that thanks to the resistance forces, a Russian armored train with ammunition was derailed on July 2.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything they can to return peaceful life and Ukrainian statehood to Melitopol. All that the invaders can do is to flee our city,” said Fedorov.

Earlier on July 3, local Ukrainian media reported that about 30 explosions shook the city of Melitopol at night and in the morning. Reports broke of a massive airstrike on a military airfield in the Aviamestechko microdistrict, where the Russian invaders are based.

The strikes on the Aviamestechko microdistrict were also confirmed by Russian propaganda media, however, they did not mention any attack on the airfield.

The Melitopol region is completely occupied. According to the local military administration, about 60% of the territory of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast is temporarily occupied by the Russians. The rest of the oblast is under constant shelling by the Russian invaders.

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