With massive blast, Ukrainian army destroys Russian ammunition depot in occupied Nova Kakhovka

12 July, 11:07 AM
Explosions at the munitions warehouse of the occupiers (Photo:Anton Herashchenko/Telegram)

Explosions at the munitions warehouse of the occupiers (Photo:Anton Herashchenko/Telegram)

Russian-occupied Nova Kakhovka in Kherson Oblast was rocked by a massive explosion late on July 11 as the Ukrainian army destroyed an enemy ammunition depot.

As videos of the huge explosion quickly spread over social media, Odesa regional military administration spokesman Serhiy Bratchuk confirmed Ukraine’s army had been at work again.

"Nova Kakhovka. Ammunition depot is destroyed. Confirmed,” wrote Bratchuk.

The cause of the explosion at the enemy warehouse was also confirmed by adviser to the head of the Kherson military administration Serhiy Khlan.

Видео дня

“That’s minus one Russian ammunition depot in Nova Kakhovka,” said Khlan. “They kept bringing and stacking, bringing and stacking (referring to ammunition), and now they got fireworks for the night. Residents' windows are flying out, but they are still happy ... because it means that Ukraine’s army is close.”

Earlier, Khlan denied claims in the Russian media that Ukrainian partisans had carried out an assassination attempt on collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, whom the occupation forces appointed the “governor” of the occupied territory in Kherson Oblast.

Khlan said, if Ukrainian partisans are active, then "someone will definitely end up in the hospital or in a coffin." According to him, Russian propaganda channels on Telegram and Russian media used old photos in their reports about the assassination attempt.

“It was Saldo who made an attempt on himself and then ‘saved” himself,’” said Khlan. “This is another "victory" of Russian propaganda. There was no attempt there. If our partisans had made a move, we would’ve seen the results”.

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