Armed Forces seize brand new Russian tank T-90M

5 December 2022, 03:33 PM
Russian tank T-90 (Photo:Aleksey Kitaev/Wikipedia)

Russian tank T-90 (Photo:Aleksey Kitaev/Wikipedia)

During an offensive operation, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) gained control over a Russian T-90M tank dubbed 'Proryv,' or 'Breakthrough,' the press service of the ZSU’s Strategic Communications Department (Stratcom) said on Telegram on Dec. 5.

The T-90M is Russia's best active tank at the moment.

“But now, just as before, they don’t know how to use all of it, so they willingly supply the necessary weapons for the Armed Forces,” Stratcrom wrote.

“Now this tank will as willingly destroy (them).”

There is no information yet on where exactly the tank was seized.

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The T-90M is a modern variant of the 90s-era T-90 tank, and mounts a 125-mm main gun, an upgraded engine, and a Shtora infrared anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) jamming system.

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