Ukrainian counter-offensive brings more losses to invaders in southern region

21 June, 01:35 PM
Destroyed tank of the Russian occupiers (Photo:General Staff/Facebook)

Destroyed tank of the Russian occupiers (Photo:General Staff/Facebook)

The Ukrainian army is conducting a successful counter-offensive in the southern region of the country, bringing more losses to the invading Russian forces, Operational Command South, the tactical center of Ukrainian Armed Forces in that region, reported on June 21.

The tactical center provided a list of confirmed losses experienced by the Russian army:

-          25 personnel

-          1 T-62 tank

-          1 Meteorit self-propelled demining system

-          1 Long-range communication station

-          1 radiolocation station

Видео дня

-          1 radio jamming station

-          2 military vehicles

-          3 storage facilities with munitions

However, risks for the Ukrainian advance in the southern region remain quite high, the Operational Command South believes. It said that Russian forces may launch more missiles from their vessels in the Black Sea, as well as try using marines for an amphibious landing.

“The enemy possesses a group of battleships in the north-western part of the Black Sea which includes five cruisers, one submarine and four marine infantry vessels,” the command said.

“Other fleet groups, despite propaganda messages about their depolyment, remain in their base ports. However, the risk of a missile attack remains high, as does as an attempt to conduct a marine landing.”

Serhiy Hlan, advisor to the head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, reported on June 20 about the recent successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which have now pushed Russian troops from their first line of defense in the south. The Russian troops performed a tactical retreat toward the second line.

The Russians are fortifying the second and third lines of defenses in Kherson Oblast, putting more effort into engineering works.

The Russian Defense Ministry deployed several military engineering units to Crimea, The Russian-occupied Ukrainian peninsula to the south of Kherson Oblast, to provide technical support to Russian troops located in Ukraine’s south.

Besides technical services, Crimea provides hospital care for wounded Russian soldiers who need surgery and other types of treatment.

Prior to the war, Crimea was experiencing a severe water crisis, having a shortage of clean water for the population’s living needs. Crimean service facilities, including hospitals, still have to function without the necessary amount of water resources at their disposal.

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