Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun; expect breakthroughs by early June — military expert

24 May, 05:55 PM
Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun (Photo:Костянтин і Влада Ліберови)

Ukrainian counteroffensive has begun (Photo:Костянтин і Влада Ліберови)

The Ukrainian offensive has already begun, and by early June, the military will achieve their initial successes, military expert and retired colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Roman Svitan, told Radio NV in an interview on May 24.

The offensive has been underway since the first 10 days of May. We currently see our reconnaissance forces actively gathering intelligence along the entire front line, including operations in Belgorod Oblast... These movements are carried out in areas demonstrating a positive dynamic. The next step is the seizure of strategic footholds, as is currently being done in Bakhmut,” explained Svitan.

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Svitan mentioned that troop redeployment and the formation of battlefields equipped with long-range striking capabilities are ongoing in Luhansk, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol, Tokmak, and other populated areas.

“We anticipate breakthroughs to occur by the first 10 days of June as part of our overall offensive strategy. These breakthroughs may take days or weeks at most. Therefore, by the first 10 days of June, there will undoubtedly be two or three breakthroughs, penetrating 20-30 kilometers deep into the dismantled front lines.”

“This will unequivocally result in the destruction of two to three lines of defense of the Russian Federation,” he emphasized.

Svitan said that there is currently a readiness level close to 100 percent for executing the planned breakthrough.

“We’ll wait for the implementation of the plan by our head commander, Valerii Zaluzhnyi. We will see it unfold as the breakthroughs are formed. Leading up to June, we will address this topic multiple times and discuss it in terms of breakthrough directions,” Svitan concluded.

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