Ukrainian defender beheaded by savage Russian occupiers possible identified, media reports

21 April, 01:15 PM
Serhiy Potoki (

Serhiy Potoki (

The Ukrainian defender whose beheading was filmed by the Russian occupiers is probably Serhiy Potoki, 30, Hungary’s Telex reported on April 20.

Potoki had worked at the market, before defending Ukraine at the frontline’s hottest place – Bakhmut, the outlet wrote.

Before enlisting, he lived with his wife, six-year-old daughter, and half-year-old son in Vynohradiv, Zakarpattia Oblast.

The soldier was reportedly “killed in combat” in March, reported Golos Karpat.

Video of day

Deputy Minister of Defence Hanna Malyar asked previously not to voice any versions of the deceased's identity until the official conclusions are made.

Identifying a person from a video input, especially in such circumstances, is "an arduous task," she said.

The video started circulating on Russian Telegram channels on April 12, showing a Russian soldier savagely decapitating a Ukrainian prisoner with a knife. The prisoner was alive when the barbaric execution began.

Ukraine's Security Service has vowed to find and punish the Russians behind the grotesque beheading murder of a Ukrainian soldier.

Ukraine's intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov said on April 17 that the identity of the Russian war criminals from the video was established, although he declined to disclose the information.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has assured that Russia would be held liable for all its crimes and called on world leaders to respond to Russian atrocities.

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