Ukrainian defenders destroy 20 of Russia’s Iranian Shahed drones in one night

11 February, 11:45 AM
The Air Force destroyed 20 Shaheds (Photo:Генштаб ЗСУ / Facebook)

The Air Force destroyed 20 Shaheds (Photo:Генштаб ЗСУ / Facebook)

Ukrainian air defenses shot down 20 Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 kamikaze attack drones launched by Russia at targets across the country on the evening of Feb. 10, the press service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

Ukraine’s Air Force, working with other defense force units, shot the attacking drones down during an attack by the Russian military on Ukraine's critical infrastructure between 6.00 p.m. and 11.55 p.m. on Feb. 10.

There were no reports of damage or injuries as a result of the drone attack.

Russia launched waves of the Shahed drones from the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov.

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Shortly before 10.00 p.m., after a day of Russian drone and missile attacks, air raid sirens sounded in the Ukrainian capital for a fifth time, and it was reported that Russia had launched a wave of Shahed drones from the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov.

Drones were spotted above Kremenchuk, downriver from Kyiv, and were reported to be heading to Cherkasy and Kyiv, following the path of the Dnipro River.

There were reports of air defense missiles firing in Kyiv Oblast about 30 minutes later, and five minutes after that people in the capital Kyiv also reported hearing explosions — most probably the sound of air defenses.

Earlier on Feb. 10 Russia launched its latest massive missile attack on Ukraine, firing 106 missiles of various types, according to the Ukrainian military’s General Staff.

The enemy had also attacked Ukraine with suicide drones the previous night, in the early hours of Feb. 11. Air raid alerts were declared in most regions of Ukraine, and air defense systems were heard in many places.

During the overnight attack, Russian drones hit three energy facilities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, causing significant damage.

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