Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut continues to degrade forces on both sides, says UK intelligence

7 March, 12:03 PM
British intelligence reported on the situation in Bahmut (Photo:REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak)

British intelligence reported on the situation in Bahmut (Photo:REUTERS/Oleksandr Ratushniak)

The Ukrainian defense of the town of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, continues to degrade forces on both sides, the UK’s Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter on March 7.

UK intelligence said that over the weekend, Ukrainian forces likely stabilized their defensive perimeter following previous Russian advances into the north of the town.

“A Russian strike destroyed a bridge over the only paved supply road into Bakhmut still under Ukrainian control around March 2,” the ministry said in its daily summary.

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“Muddy conditions are likely hampering Ukrainian resupply efforts as they increasingly resort to using unpaved tracks.”

The agency also notes that public disagreements between the Wagner Group and Russian Ministry of Defense over the allocation of munitions highlights Russia’s difficulty in sustaining the high levels of personnel and ammunition required to advance with their current tactics.

Heavy fighting for Bakhmut has been underway for more than six months. According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, Russia loses up to 500 soldiers killed and wounded every day, trying to storm the town. This figure exceeds Ukrainian losses by five times, according to NATO intelligence.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military leadership announced on March 6 that the defense operation would continue in Bakhmut.

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